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12 Healthy lifestyle tips to bring harmony to your life

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Diana Kelley Levey
Diana Kelly Levey May, 14, 2019

Runner, dancer, baker, adopted dog mom, wisecracker (or jokester)

If you've ever attempted to overhaul everything in your life all at once (and failed miserably) you likely understand that making small, simple changes can yield much better results.

Try to think about it like baking a cake. You have to add the ingredients individually and in a specific order. If you just dump everything in at once and stick it in the oven, you're going to be left with a hot mess, even though all of the right ingredients went into it!

Instead of making drastic changes, experts agree that incorporating healthy lifestyle tips into your daily life through a few small, cumulative actions raises the chances you'll adopt a healthier lifestyle overall. So, think of this as your secret recipe for enhancing every part of your life — your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health — one small change at a time.


Who couldn't stand to be just a little more chill? These simple practices can help support your mental health, leaving you happier and worry-free.

  • Call a friend. Sure, you can blow up your group chat whenever you want, but when's the last time you actually dialed your BFF? A phone conversation can relieve stress — plus, that one story you've been meaning to tell them will be way funnier with their live commentary.

  • Slip on a beauty mask and take it easy. Put yourself in a self-imposed timeout! Turn the lights down low and spend some time focusing on yourself. Instead of reaching for a face mask, try applying a nourishing hand mask that will leave you with soft, hydrated hands your partner will want to hold for hours. All you have to do is sit back and relax for 15 minutes while the soothing skincare ingredients do their job.

  • Walk and talk. Consider asking a colleague if they'd like to go for a walking meeting instead of sitting in the office. Not only will you benefit from the exercise, but a Stanford study says walking can boost your creative output. Slipping on shades and enjoying some vitamin D from the sun can even help decrease depressive symptoms!


Your body only has one person looking out for it — you. Do right by yourself and reap the many associated benefits (we're talking more energy and a better mood to boot) by experimenting with these small actions.

  • Exercise at the same time every day. We know; this is usually easier said than done. But research has found that this is what consistent exercisers do. It's called an "instigation habit" and it means you set yourself up to do the activity without spending time or energy deliberating about it. This month, choose a time and stick to it, whether that's morning workouts, lunchtime walkabouts or a post-work sweat session. The more you stick to the habit, the easier it gets to keep going!

  • Set reminders to drink water. We all know we should be downing more H2O for clear skin, but it's easy to forget. Setting regular reminders on your phone can help ensure you drink 8 ounces of water a few times throughout your workday.

  • Sip green tea after lunch. We're not slamming coffee, we swear! But research shows that drinking green tea can enhance cognitive function (particularly memory) and reduce heart disease risk. Try enjoying a cup after lunch for a little pick-me-up!

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Nourishing your soul through daily intentions can lead to whole-body benefits you'll notice with regular practice. Give these suggestions a shot and see how they affect your spiritual well-being.

  • Create a morning routine that sets you up for success. Set aside 10 minutes every morning to sit and clear your mind, review the day's tasks and set positive intentions for accomplishing them. You might even want to set a motivating "reminder" on your phone that can pop up right before a big work meeting. This can help you feel more focused as you tackle the most challenging parts of your to-do list!

  • Power down before bed. We've all been guilty of trying to do too much during the day and compensating by spending the night in front of the TV. But research says it could be hurting our sleep! Screens emit blue light that interferes with our production of the sleep hormone melatonin, potentially leading to more than a few sleepless nights. Try to power down your streaming services and turn off the TV an hour before bed, and instead, spend that time decompressing in other ways, like reading or talking with your partner.

  • Start a 21-day complaint-free challenge. This can help you create awareness of negativity in your thoughts and daily conversations. There are a number of strategies you can use during the three-week challenge. For instance, you can slip a bracelet or rubber band on one wrist and once you realize you've complained, move it to the other wrist. Then start over the next day. Keep in mind that it may take a few days (and lots of bracelet moving) before you begin making a conscious effort to look for positive ways to view challenging situations and practicing patience.


Nurture your emotional health with these healthy lifestyle tips that can help you create a healthier mind (and body) from the inside out.

  • Plan a regular check-in ritual.

    Are you anxious every time you get out of a certain daily work meeting? Scheduling a reminder message to go off afterward — one that asks questions like, "How am I feeling?" or reminds you to slow down and take a breath — can help you actively work through your stress.

  • Take a decluttering break. Even if you appreciate the clutter on your desk, you probably work more efficiently in a clean environment! Spend 15 minutes organizing your workspace to give yourself a focused and happy place to finish that report or come up with the next big thing.

  • Watch a funny movie. Do your soul some good and plan a comedy movie night this week. Laughing helps reduce stress and releases endorphins, you know, those feel-good brain chemicals that make you happy and relaxed. Want to double your enjoyment? Consider inviting a friend over to watch!

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