A young woman smiles and sits on a chair.
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Setting healthy boundaries to create a happier life

Quality time with people you love is incredibly important. Those hours spent laughing and bonding can often be what...

A young woman holds her friend's hand and comforts her during a difficult time.
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How to be supportive of a loved one going through a hard time

Among the sunny days and good vibes, life has a funny habit of throwing some pretty heavy stuff our way!...

Benefits of animals to humans
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We're presented with daily opportunities to make healthier choices. Unfortunately, these tend to feel like things we have to do, not things we want to do — even if they're...

February, 05 2020
Two young adults laugh while cooking in the kitchen.
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There's no question that healthy relationships have a positive impact on your life. However, it takes rolling up your sleeves and putting in the work to develop (and maintain) those...

January, 15 2020
Friends eating together at a table.
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You probably have at least one good memory attached to a big meal. Many people do! Special dinners are often celebratory events filled with good food, family and friends....

December, 27 2019
family reading together
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We've all heard the old adage "happy partner, happy life" at some point. That may not always be true, but do you know what is? Happy parents = happy...

June, 28 2019
Three women laugh over a shared joke.
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Do you know what's better than being able to relax with a cold drink in your hand after a long, stressful day? Having someone there to dish the dirt on...

June, 26 2019
Two women laugh and clasp hands.
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Amid the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be hard to feel a real sense of belonging at times. We totally get it!

Growing up, you...

May, 13 2019